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Artist of the moment……Photographer Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton was a renowned photographer of the female form born in Berlin, Germany  in the year 1920. He photographed for many top fashion magazines and also had a large body of work on his own. Worked with a black and white format. His father ran a manufacturing business that made buttons and buckles.

Newton was given his first camera when he was twelve years old.

A great interview with Helmut Newton talking about his famous shots of the female form:

As he was jewish he left Germany in 1938 after being taken to an internment camp.  He would eventually go to war as an Australian Army. In the 1950s he would relocate to Europe and open his own studio.

In this clip we view some of his best works:

Was an apprentice to Eva Simon, a theater and fashion photographer well known in Germany. This must of been a wonderful job for a young teenage boy interested in photographing the female nude. He was aged 16 to 20 when he served as an apprentice.

Winner of the American Institute of Graphic Arts award for his photographs.

Helmut Newton passed away in 2004 in a car crash at the age of 84 years old. His ashes are buried next to former movie star Marlene Dietrich.

price range information: Works range from $1,000 to $360,000.


Artist of the moment…..Marcel Dyf

Marcel Dyf was a French artist born in the year 1899 in Paris, France.  Dyf didn’t take art seriously until moving to Arles, France in 1922.  The city is renown for the many works Van Gogh painted over his career. The artist opened up his own studio.  In 1935 Dyf moved again this time to Paris, France. He started off his education with the idea of being an engineer, but gave this up to chase his dream of being a professional artist.

Marcel Dyf was a superb painter of the female figure. Dyf also enjoyed painting floral still lifes and seascapes.

Dyf also enjoyed painting and keeping flowers. He and his wife lived in a house built in the 16th century. In this clip we get some color about a floral work up for auction. The artist kept a large garden so he would always have fresh flowers to paint.

Part of the French Resistance and fought for his country in World War 2.

Dyf attended Carnegie Institute located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Obviously Marcel Dyf loved painting the female from in a very expressive and impressionistic manner. In this clip we view a montage of the artist’s work:

Marcel Dyf passed away in 1985.

price range information:  Sorry none available.


Artist of the moment……Joanassie Manning

Joanassie Manning is an Inuit artist from Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada born in the year 1967. The artist came to sculpting at the age of twenty with the influence of  his grandfather who was the master Inuit artist Osuitok Ipeelee. His grandmother was also a fine fabric artist. His favorite subject is the owl.

price range information: Sorry none available.

The artist grandfather was perhaps among the most famous Inuit artists, Osuitok Ipeelee. Ipeelee was  already popular in the region before James Houston came along in the early 1950s, Houston helped the artist achieve international recognition. His works were also included in the International traveling tour of Inuit art in 1971 to 1973.

below is a great example of an owl by his grandfather, Osuitok Ipeelee.


And to close we check out another work by Joanassie Manning’s grandfather, master carver Osuitok Ipeelee.

I so enjoy families that produce multiple generations of artists!


Artist of the moment…..Efrain Almeida

Efrain Almeida is an artist from Brazil born in the year 1964 renown for his work with sculptures in wood. Working with umburana  cedar wood Efrain Almeida carves everything from faces, human figures, dogs, even cathedrals which are found in many locales in his native of Brazil,  and whatever else you could imagine. My favorite work in the gallery is that of the hat. To take a highly recognizable visual substance like wood, and make it appear as a fabric, what an amazing technique!

Has been featured in many national publications including the New York Times and ARTnews magazine.

Even the use of his carvings has religious twist. To give thanks for prayers answered parishioners might leave a wood carving at church. Brazil has the highest percentage of Catholics on earth.

Many of the works are done in smaller size of less than 12 inches. Very compact but graceful, similar to many of the Inuit artists.

price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip, which I think is done in Portuguese, we view  a show by the artist. Many carvings are in fact self portraits of the artist.

In this clip I have no idea what they are saying in Portuguese, but watch the first few seconds and you may see Efrain Almeida in person and see how accurate his carvings are:


Artist of the moment……Shiro Kuramata

Shiro Kuramata was one of the most influential interior designers of the 20th century born in Japan in the year 1934.

One of his most successful designs was the “How High is the Moon Chair.” Below is an example of this style of chair.


Kuramata was among the most experimental designers using materials like steel to produce couches and other interior furnishings.

Shiro Kuramata passed away in 1991.

In the beginning of this clip are credits and a few images of the artist. I would move ahead to 1:25 and you may view some Kuramata’s most famous works including the chair Miss Blanche.

price range information: Works range from $20,000 to $260,000.