Artist of the moment…..Cheong-ah Hwang

Cheong-ah Hwang is wonderful artist working with paper cuts. Cheong-ah Hwang was born in Korea in the year. Her parents owned and operated a printing store. As a child the artist had endless amounts of paper to work with as a child. As a child she spent much of time in Seoul, South Korea.

A link to the website of Cheong-ah Hwang. Very cool works on this page including birds, plants, and architecture:

The artist became more interested with paper art after visiting the United States in 2000.

price range available: sorry none available.

Cheong-ah Hwang was given the opportunity to create the design of the book “Grimm Tales for Young and Old. In this clip below we look at wonderful example of Hwang’s style of illustrative art:

The artist works out of Columbus, Ohio.

Cheong-ah Hwang also has produced a book giving detailed instructions on creating fifteen paper cut projects. In this clip below we get brief detail about the project:

As a paper enthusiast myself I enjoy her work even more than say Kara Walker, as the subject matter is fun and much more colorful. I am almost finished with my latest collage and will post it as soon as its dry!



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