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Artist of the moment…..Cheong-ah Hwang

Cheong-ah Hwang is wonderful artist working with paper cuts. Cheong-ah Hwang was born in Korea in the year. Her parents owned and operated a printing store. As a child the artist had endless amounts of paper to work with as a child. As a child she spent much of time in Seoul, South Korea.

A link to the website of Cheong-ah Hwang. Very cool works on this page including birds, plants, and architecture:

The artist became more interested with paper art after visiting the United States in 2000.

price range available: sorry none available.

Cheong-ah Hwang was given the opportunity to create the design of the book “Grimm Tales for Young and Old. In this clip below we look at wonderful example of Hwang’s style of illustrative art:

The artist works out of Columbus, Ohio.

Cheong-ah Hwang also has produced a book giving detailed instructions on creating fifteen paper cut projects. In this clip below we get brief detail about the project:

As a paper enthusiast myself I enjoy her work even more than say Kara Walker, as the subject matter is fun and much more colorful. I am almost finished with my latest collage and will post it as soon as its dry!



Artist of the moment…..Hideaki Miyamura

Hideaki Miyamura is a wonderful pottery artist renown for his work with unique glazes born in Japan in the year 1955.

Miyamura originally thought about going to medical school to become a doctor, but thought the cost was too much. For his artistic education Miyamura attended Western Michigan where he studied art history.

After college he would return to Japan where he found an interest in developing glazes for his pottery.

In this clip a brief audio tour featuring pottery from the artist’s 2012 works:

The artist was able to apprentice under Shurei Miura, who was a master potter with an extensive reputation. Below an example of Miura’s work, born in 1942 in Japan.


Part of many prominent museum collections including the Art Institute of Chicago and the Smithsonian Institution.

A link to the website of Hideaki Miyamura:


Artist of the moment……photographer Lee Friedlander

Lee Friedlander is an internationally collected photographer born in Aberdeen, Washington in the year 1934. Friedlander is best known for his images of the American landscape and in particular New York City from the 1950s and 1960s.  The artist works in a black and white format giving his work a sense of timelessness so that even a picture like the one in the gallery of Las Vegas, is from 2007.

The artist has worked mainly with a 35 mm camera in the past and uses a medium format camera.

price range information: Most works priced between $5,000 and $85,000.

Over his career the artist has also shot a fair amount of celebrities. One of his first celeb shoots involved Madonna and appeared in Playboy magazine. Madonna appeared nude and this was in the 1970s. Madonna was able to rake in $25 for her work. A photograph from this series sold for more than $37,000 at auction!

For his artistic education Lee Friedlander attended the Art Center College of Design located in Pasadena, California.

After college moved to New York City. He would start to shoot celebrities in addition to his landscapes. A major source of income was to shoot jazz musicians for record album covers. Before I-tunes design of an albums cover was key in albums success, a sort of marketing device. Think of such album covers the Beatle’s Sgt. Pepper.

A great montage of works by Friedlander:

Some well acclaimed series has dealt with factory workers and public monuments across the United States. In this clip we view a book that covers his work with monuments:

Has had exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, the San Francisco Museum of Art, and the Whitney Museum of Art.

On an artistic note, I love the way Friedlander makes use reflections in his art. The technique reminds of master painter Richard Estes’ many views of the Big Apple done in a similar manner. To close we view¬† a work of Richard Estes.



Artist of the moment…….Doctor Edgar Burke

Doctor Edgar Burke first profession was as a medical surgeon. Burke was born in 1889. Burke also loved sports and was an avid hunter, fisher, and birds. The artist enjoyed pigeon racing.

Edgar Burke was based out of New Jersey.

Here is an example of Burke’s style of wet fly patterns. The artist created several patterns and was an avid fisherman.


Most of his work is done with gouache or watercolors.

Over his artistic career Burke illustrated books dealing with birds and fishing.

Burke passed away in 1950.

price range information: Sorry none available.

If you enjoy birds some great artists to check out are the legendary John James Audobon and Isabelle du Toit.


Artist of the moment…..Thomas Burke

Thomas Burke is a fantastic modern futurist Op Art painter working with acrylics on panel and using basic geometric shapes. Thomas Burke was born in 1978. For his artistic education Burke attended the University of Nevada at Las Vegas earning a bachelors degree. He is a similar to other Op Artists covered here such as Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley, except that Burke uses the computer as his drawing tool.

Burke draws inspiration from artists John McLaughlin, Frederick Hammersley, Piet Mondrian, and Frank Stella.

price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $20,000.

Burke is now based out of Brooklyn, New York.