Artist of the moment……Mel Chin

Instead of doing my normal gallery, Since Chin is more a conceptual artist more so than just a visual artist, I will give some color on each image in this article. Though he is a conceptual artist, Chin is an excellent draughtsman.

This work was inspired by the many hours spent looking at encyclopedias when he was growing up. He made collages of figures. If you love this type of work check out my favorite collage artist, Peter Clark. Below is a Chin’s style of collage done with encyclopedias.


Mel Chin is wonderful conceptual artist born in Houston, Texas in the year 1951. He was one of six children. He is known for putting art where it usually isn’t. Some examples would be in a landfill or a destroyed home.

In this picture we view a collaboration with Mel Chin, software developers, and rug and carpet patterns. A great mix of old and new technologies I have never seen. Again the artist is hard to classify as he can work in so many mediums, a true artist!


In this clip from the PBS series Art21, we listen to the artist himself talk about his many trips to New Orleans and how he has taken it upon himself to improve the lives of the children of the area. The children were in a tough situation without Katrina. The artist was so overwhelmed with the feeling of  hopelessness he left, but returned a better person with thoughts of how to overcome his problems.The children were growing up in an area deemed by the Environmental Protection Agency to have dangerously high content of lead.

In this work titled SafeHouse, we see a great example of Chin putting art where it isn’t usually seen, an abandoned house.


Here the artist talks about how art can make one feel uncomfortable.

Mel Chin has also worked in academia working as a professor at the University of Georgia, a visiting professor at Stanford, and at Cooper Union, and the University of Michigan.

A link to the website of Mel Chin:

price range information: Sorry none available.


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