Artist of the moment……Otto Dix

Otto Dix was an expressionist  painter born in Untermhaus, Germany in the year 1891. For his artistic education Dix was first an apprentice to  a painter who specialized in decorative painting. The artist went on to attend the Royal Dresden School of Arts and Crafts. Briefly studied at the State Academy of Art. The artist was a superb draughtsman and produced a large amount of prints and paintings over his career.

Both parents were working class but Dix was introduced to the art world by a cousin who was a professional artist and would become his first mentor.

From CBS Sunday morning television we view a brief bio about Otto Dix:

After being involved in World War 1 the artist was injured and discharged from service. Many paintings and prints deal with his experiences of war. His work made the politicians who wanted to go to war, very angry. The truth of war and the devastation it brings were lost on the artist.

In this clip we view many painting with the theme of war:

Some influences on the artist were the Expressionist painter George Grosz. Grosz was renown for his unique style, below an example of his art.


Dix was also involved in the second World War being captured and released by the French. He was also disliked by the Nazi party for his expressionist paintings of the war. After the second World War Dix again painted the gruesome scenes he saw at the front lines of war.

Otto Dix passed away in 1969 at the age of 77 years old.

The artist was very prolific and produced many works in gouache or watercolor on packing paper.

price range information:  Prints can be found for $200 to $300  to a few thousand. Oils range from $50,000 to more than one million dollars.


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