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Art World News….A new Vincent Van Gogh painting is revealed


This painting is titled “Summer at Montmajor.” Van Gogh painted the work in 1888.  The museum told the owners that it wasn’t a van gogh when asked in 1991. Further analysis of paint pigment and how it aged made them change their mind. Van Gogh painted this work around the same time he painted the ” sunflowers” picture.

The work will be shown at the Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Having been there two times if you only have one day in Amsterdam, visit the Van Gogh Museum!

A brief clip on the find and an unveiling of the painting:


Artist of the moment…..Domenico Bianchi

Domenico Bianchi is a mixed media artist born in Rome, Italy in the year 1955. For his artistic education Bianchi attended the Academy of Fine Arts located in Rome, Italy. He is renown for his work using unusual painting materials such as wax painted on wood.

First solo show was in 1977 in New York City. Many different medium works were shown including works using cardboard, wax, and candles. Even small works include many layers of transparent wax.

Part of a newer generation of artists that enjoyed studying light and space.

Bianchi lives and works out of Rome.

The artist has been part of the Venice Biennale on three occasions.

price range information: Sorry no information available.


Artist of the moment…..Lucy Tutsweetok

Lucy Tasseor Tutsweetok was born in Nunalla, Manitoba, Canada in the year 1934. She grew up in this area but after marriage moved to the Nunavut Territory’s Rankin Island and then to Arviat.

Tutsweetok was included in the first national show featuring Inuit art which traveled  the globe in the early 1970s.

Her style was a mixture of abstraction, minimalism, and realism. Many works consist of a rounded or triangular stone, with many heads and faces carved into it. A totem pole but with a different shape.

price range information: Works range from $1,000 to $40,000.  On the expensive end are some works depicting Inuit villages complete with igloos.

In this clip we see a signature work by Tutsweetok. A group of people carved into a rounded triangular shaped stone:

Lucy Tutsweetok passed away in 2012 at the age of 77 years old.


Artist of the moment………Shona artist Victor Fire

Victor Fire is a contemporary shona sculptor from  Zimbabwe. Victor Fire was born in the year 1965 in Guruve, Zimbabwe.

His father had 7 wives so he comes from a family that has 36 siblings in all including him. He quit school after the 7th grade. Fire wants his own children to learn skills in addition to sculpture. The artist has three children.

Works mainly with serpentine.

price range information: Works range from $1,000 to $10,000.

Winner of the best sculptor in Zimbabwe in the year 2004. This award is given out by the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

Was working in a mine and a fellow worker was crushed to death. He quit and did not return to work and started to sculpt in order to make money.

In this clip an interview with the artist. We learn more about his family and the Tengenenge artist colony where more than 200 families now live:

In this clip we see many works by Victor Fire and an interview with the artist: