rags to riches….a great art story similar to the goodwill finds….Painter John Constable

I hope you read my entries made earlier this year about the finds some lucky shoppers have found at Goodwill. One such artist was Alexander Calder, some shoppers found some jewelry that was in a show at the MOMA in New York City in the 1940s, and also a print that sold for $9,000 on an investment of $12.34 at the local goodwill.


This time the painting in question is a John Constable. a surgeon acquired the piece in an auction at a cost of $50 for the box. The painting is similar in size to a postcard. The painting was bought for $45 about one decade ago. The painting was originally owned by the father in law of John Constable. It has been just sitting in a cupboard for most of the past decade!

The piece is included in CNBC’s hit show “Treasure Dectectives.” An appraiser valued the piece at $388,000.

A larger work by Constable, renown for his landscapes of England, sold for $35 million U.S. dollars last year.


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