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Artist of the moment……Temela Oopik

Temela Oopik is a wonderful contemporary  Inuit sculptor born in the year 1946. Temela Oopik is from the Lake Harbour, Nunavut Territory, Canada.

price range information: Works range from $500 to $3,000.

In the clip below we look at a musk ox by Temela Oopik:

No more information on this artist.


rags to riches….a great art story similar to the goodwill finds….Painter John Constable

I hope you read my entries made earlier this year about the finds some lucky shoppers have found at Goodwill. One such artist was Alexander Calder, some shoppers found some jewelry that was in a show at the MOMA in New York City in the 1940s, and also a print that sold for $9,000 on an investment of $12.34 at the local goodwill.


This time the painting in question is a John Constable. a surgeon acquired the piece in an auction at a cost of $50 for the box. The painting is similar in size to a postcard. The painting was bought for $45 about one decade ago. The painting was originally owned by the father in law of John Constable. It has been just sitting in a cupboard for most of the past decade!

The piece is included in CNBC’s hit show “Treasure Dectectives.” An appraiser valued the piece at $388,000.

A larger work by Constable, renown for his landscapes of England, sold for $35 million U.S. dollars last year.


Artist of the moment….Stalin Tafura

Stalin Tafura is a shona sculptor from Zimbabwe born into one of the most famous artist families in country. His mother is Anges Nyanghongo and his grandfather the world renown Claudio Nyanhongo.

Tafura attended college at Ranch House College studying international tourism. His work is the blend of traditional shona motifs such as mother and child but he also is a master at using  a particular stone to help add a feeling and mystique to his works.

Tafura is currently based out of Loveland, Colorado.

The artist started out as an assistant to both his grandfather and father helping them to polish up and finish large works.

In this clip a brief interview with the artist who is shown working on a sculpture:

A link to the website of Stalin Tafura:

price range information: Sorry none available.


Artist of the moment….Luc Tuymans

Luc Tuymans is a wonderful contemporary artist born in Mortsel, Belgium  in the year 1958. Tuymans makes references to international events that have been on the news and in the papers. He works with oils on canvas with references to photographs.

As for paint quality and color, his work is very dull and greyed out, it reminds me of the way watercolor sometimes looks brilliant when fresh, then the paint dries and sometimes the color goes away.

For his collegiate education Tuymans attended the National School for the Visual Arts in Brussels and the Koninkliijke Academy in Antwerp. He was studying the fine arts at these colleges that switched his major to art history finishing up at Vriije University in Brussels.

price range information: The artist has broken the one million dollar mark at auction with a the sale of Mwana Kitoka for $1.4 million. Below is this painting:


His wife is an artist from Venezuela named Carla Arocha. Below an example of her work, she works mainly in acrylics as in this example:


In this clip from the Tate Shots series we visit the artist in his hometown of Antwerp, Belgium:

In this clip we visit a gallery show from 2008 with the great James Kalm:

Here with the great James Kalm we visit a show featuring Luc Tuymans that took place in 2013:

Tuymans has also acted as a curator.