Artist of the moment…..Lowell Boyers

Lowell Boyers is a wonderful artist that blends a mixture of botanical and figures in his artwork. Lowell Boyers was born in Queens, New York in the year 1966. For his artistic education Boyers attended the Rhode Island School of Design earning a bachelors degree. Boyers went on to earn a masters from Yale University.

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Boyers works in a very large scale, also like Kushner, with many sizes nearly 4 by 5 feet, or 48 by 60 inches in size.

By reading his artistic statement Boyers tells us his art tells a story about multiple events that happen to a person over the course of time. In other words snapshots of time put in a collage form on one canvas. His works include a multitude of emotions that have taken place over time.

The mediums Boyers’ uses remind of the artist Robert Kushner. Both have similar subject matter and palettes. Many works of Boyer’s include acrylics, oils, resin, ink, and watercolour. In this case even a high def image can’t let us see how the different layers refract light. I remember the first time I saw one of Kushner’s works who uses all the above plus glitter in some works, my eyes never stopped moving as the canvas moved as I moved due to the resin, the reflection of paint and the glitter. Boyers work seems to have a similar look to it. Below an example of Robert Kushner’s style of painting flowers.


His process involves painting on raw canvas, not on a manufactured canvas but fresh off the roll!

A link to the website of Lowell Boyers:

Boyers is based out of New York City.

In this clip we view a show featuring Lowell Boyers. Other artist’s work is shown and Boyer’s work appears about 52 seconds into the clip:

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