Artist of the moment……Alicia Tormey

Alicia Tormey is a wonderful mixed media artist that works with encaustics. Encaustic involves blending paint with bees wax. To develop her work she uses a blowtorch  and carving tools and puts much work and detail into each layer of work. Tormey was born the midwest United States in the mid 1960s.

A link to the website of Alicia Tormey:

She enjoys painting the feeling of landscape, but leaves much information out of the picture and starts building other patterns and forms on top of her original shapes.

For her artistic education Tormey attended the Art Institute of Seatte, Washington.

Below some  great examples  of a mixed media work by Alicia Tormey. We get to see the blowtorch in action!

What a unique way to use the blowtorch to create art!

A mainstay at the Saatchi Galleries.


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