Artist of the moment….Sandra Suy

Sandra Suy is a talented fashion. Her work is highly detailed in some areas with much open space in her compositions to allow the viewer to enter the work. Suy is based out of Barcelona, Spain. Her fluid line reminds me of  the master caricaturist Al HIrschfeld. With simple flowing lines she is able to draw and paint awesome hair. She has worked with such name brands as Missoni and Chloe.

A link to a Tumblr page featuring great works by the artist:

For her artistic education Sandra Suy attended La Llotja in Barcelona, Spain.

In this clip we see Sandry Suy’s works with Beyonce in the background! A great combination!

price range information: The artist does not yet produce any prints or original works for the public. Perhaps she will take a note from the art deco master profiled here named Erte, who was not only a great designer, but also was able to be a great printmaker.


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