Artist of the moment….Street artist Saber

Saber is an American street artist from Los Angeles, California born in the year 1976. He is renown for his style of using abstract shapes that a mix of calligraphic and street art graffiti styles.

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A quick biography on the artist:

A link to the website of the artist Saber:

The artist received some critics when he did some work with an American flag image, and then he painted on top of the image.  Some people thought he was destroying the flag. His explanation was he was making us aware the flag is a living and breathing organism.

Here we visit a gallery show from 2011. I enjoyed this clip the most because the artist talked about wanting people to see the struggle of whats happening. The struggle underneath the flag. It reminded me of Jasper Johns flag when I saw it in person I had no idea how many layers of collage went into the end product. The old art books I had with black and white imagery that smelt like very old grandmothers didn’t do it justice!

Saber  was using this example in regards to health care. Saber suffers from epilepsy and has been without health care coverage most of his adult life.

In this clip we visit a Museum exhibition featuring the artist.

Started painted and tagging in the public domain since the 1990s.

Renown for creating the worlds largest graffiti piece ever. This was done in 1997 and used 97 gallons of paint and 35 nights over the course of 365 days  from start to finish. The piece was done in close proximity to the Los Angeles River. The work lasted until 2009 when it was painted over by a new contractor.

Below we revisit this piece with Saber himself. Youtube is just great!



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