Artist of the moment……Barbara Takenaga

Barbara Takenaga is a wonderful abstract artist born in North Platte, Nebraska in the year 1949. She is renown for her works which use the circle as a main shape, that are organized in sweeping shapes that give movement to her work as it goes across the picture plane. I find her work to remind me of many artists profiled here already. Yayoi Kusama for the use of the circle or dot.

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For her artistic education Takenaga attended the University of Colorado at Boulder earning both a bachelors and masters degree in art.

The artist has been in the teaching side of the art world for many years. Takenaga taught at the Univeristy of Denver and currently teaches at Williams College.

Another artist I am reminded of is Fred Tomaselli. This artist uses items like pills and makes swirling and action lines with them much in the same manner that Takenaga uses dots. A great example of Fred Tomaslli’s artwork is below.


Currently based out of New York City.

For her wonderful abstract works she uses a combination of oil and acrylic paint.

You may think that this form or abstract expressionism doesn’t have a meaning, but it isn’t just playful. The artist switched from a bright palette to more somber and muted tones after her mother passed.

In this clip we visit a show by the artist.

And here we go to another gallery show.

What a wonderful form of abtraction!


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