Artist of the moment…..Photographer Aldo Sessa

Aldo Sessa is a photographer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the year 1939. Started taking atelier lessons at the age of 10 years  old. Sessa started working for a newspaper as a freelance photographer in the year 1958, the name was La Nacional.

Studied film and cinematography in Hollywood, California.

In 1974 met another photographer, Lisl Steiner, the two became great friends.

In 1978 begins his gaucho series and works dealing with artifacts of the 1800s in Argentina. These artifacts include guns, whips,and daggers.

In this clip we visit the Tango series of Sessa. I love the way he shoots their silhouettes.

A great all around artist, Sessa has also illustrated several books.

A painting titled Humorum done by Sessa is included in the National Gallery of Air and Space Museum Smithsonian Institution.

Has been part of more than 200 exhibitions over his career.

A link to the homepage of Aldo Sessa:

price range information: Sorry none available.


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