Artist of the moment…..Davie Atchealak

David Atchealak was another master Inuit carver born in Iqualit, Nunavut Territory, Canada. Atchealak was fond of saying he made art by seeing his ancestors in his mind. He argued the fact that some critics might say his work came from dreams. The artist responded by saying that dreams are part nonsense and part real. Atchealak stated he works on every detail of his image as if it were real.

Like most Inuit artists Atchealak was a great graphic artist in addition to his three dimensional works.

price range information: Works range from prints from $400 to carvings costing $14,000.

The artist is perhaps the closest at carving a non Inuit style work. I love the eyes the most! Many regional artists just make slits for the eyes, but Atchealak has gone past this barrier and made them very expressive as well.

Atchealak passed away in 2006 at the age of 53 years of age.

Below a wonderful example of the artist’s whimsical and playful style with two dancing bears.

And here we have a work of a drum dancer by Atchealak. What an expressive figure and detail in the face!



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