Artist of the moment…..Street Artist Shai Dahan

Shai Dahan is a great up and coming street artist that often work with horses and is compared by some to artists like the legendary Banksy. Shai Dahan was born in Haifa, Israel. His family came to the United States in 1989. Growing up in a surfer/ graffiti lifestyle of California had the artist began working in graffiti in his mid teens. Dahan even designed some skateboards.

Some works on  a farm painted by Shai Dahan shown in time lapse. Very cool!

In this clip Dahan talks about a project called the Buddy Bears project. You may see these fiberglass works all over Berlin. They are made to showcase human tolerance in other countries and cultures.

The artist has also recently started his own men’s clothing branch located in Sweden. The company works on design and marketing all across the Scandinavian countries.

A link to the website of Shai Dahan:

After living in New York City Dahan moved to Sweden .

The horses painted by the artist have a historical significance. They are based on a Dala or Dalecarlian horse. In the history of Sweden long ago they were used as toys. Its awesome that this artist has chosen to take a toy and paint it as if it were a real live horse! What a unique idea.

price range information: Sorry none available.


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