Artist of the moment….Josep Cisquella

Josep Cisquella was a fantastic mixed media artist born in Barcelona, Spain in the year 1955. His art out to me immediately not only for his work, but for prompting the public to touch his artwork. For most of his working life he was based out of Barcelona, Spain.

Cisquella loved to pay homage to other artists and movements.

I love the way the artist was able to capture the simplicity and beauty of everyday life. The idea of his paintings also are great as they inspire the viewer to think about what is creating the shadows. He is that one artist out of 10 that would paint the shadow and wall BEHIND a vase of flowers, rather than the actual flowers. He was able to create great designs with so much surface texture.

In this clip we visit a show titled “Touching the Reality.”

In this clip we visit a gallery show for Josep Cisquella. Its awesome to see how vast the canvas size is. Also very close up images are shown and you can see the detail and the textured ground pumice stone medium used by the artist.

Sadly the artist passed away in 2010 at the age of 55 years old.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Its awesome to see the mixture of abstraction with different surface texture, but also excellent painting skills in making the surface look old and weathered. Its too bad the artist passed away while in the prime of his developing his skill set. He was still growing at a remarkable pace as an artist.



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