Artist of the moment…..Jimi Gleason

Jimi Gleason is an American painter born in 1961. He grew up in Newport Beach, California. Gleason is renown for his abstract and minimalist works painted in acrylics. His mentor was Ed Moses. His paintings have a great surface texture to them and as the viewer’s eyes moves about the image one can find many varieties of texture in the corners and in the middle just a flat monotone. The artist is great at playing with light and luminosity.

For his collegiate education Jimi Gleason attended the University of California at Berkeley.

In this clip below we visit a show by Jimi Gleason and his mentor Ed Moses.

After college he met Ed Moses and worked as his studio assistant for seven years.

One technique the artist uses hand made instruments  to use pearlescent acrylic white paint as a base. Another great innovation Gleason uses to get more texture in the corners as he pulls the white paint to get a smooth texture in the middle but he allows it to build up in the corners and edges of the canvas.

What interests me with Gleason and Ed Moses is that these artists have been experimenting with ways to produce different textural affects, and now companies have those affects in a bottle for us to use. If you would like a textured canvas with a crackle affect, you may buy the crackle medium! I encourage you to try and experiment with textures if you work with acrylics, its fun!

Price range information: Works range from $1,500 to $50,000.


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