Artist of the moment….Barcelona Street legend Pez

Pez was born in Spain in 1976. Pez means Fish in Spanish. As he states often the artist has been making people smile since 1999 when he began his street art career.

A link to the website of the street legend Pez :

Below is a short biographical documentary given by the artist in Spanish and translated to English.

In this clip we see the artist work with two other graffiti artists on a piece. Very cool time lapse video.

Pez has even been featured in Time magazine.

A great montage of works by Pez. The images go fast so you may have to pause a moment to enjoy each one. Make sure and smile!

And here a visit to London to watch Pez create a unique canvas.

This link is great to see some of Pez’s art move to a commercialized style. I love these bags perfect for back to school. What a fun style that reminds me of Brazils Romero Britto. Both look to exude fun from the viewer.

Below is an example of Romero Britto’s style.


I love street art that makes me smile!


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