Artist of the moment…..Georges Seurat

Georges Seurat is a perfect artist to study on a hot summer day! Georges Seurat was born in Paris, France in the year 1859. Seurat is associated with the Pointillism movement. His father worked in the legal field and had become wealthy from some land transactions. For his artistic education Seurat studied at the Ecole Municipale de Sculpture de Dessin. After this he enrolled at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts

Some of Georges Seurat’s most famous works accompanied by Vivaldi. Your next few minutes is set!

And to close with we will take a look at one of my favorite categories, appropriations! Here Vik Muniz pays homage to Seurat and reproduces Seurat’s famous Afternoon on the Island of Jatte work with puzzle pieces.

sunday at the park 009

In the link below two art lovers tell us more about Seurat and his work a Sunday on the La Grande Jatte.

A link to some other works using the same sculptural build up of space using puzzle pieces.  Vik Muniz is currently based in Brooklyn and is renown for making works of art using unusual materials like caviar, chocolate, or in this case puzzle pieces. Another great work featuring Marilyn Monroe done by Vik Muniz is shown here, please take some time to explore this site as the artist is a creative genius! :

First major work was titled the Bathers at Asnieres. It featured some young men at leisure by the river Seine. It was rejected by the Salon, but the artist found other groups to show this monumental work. In the end Seurat set up a new organization that dealt with independent artists.

Was influential in Paul Signac’s approach to painting.

Although some critics and experts classify the artist as Impressionistic in technique, Seurat loved to draw and would make monochrome drawings and even small oil paintings before beginning work on a larger sized canvas.

The artist died at only 31 years of age in 1891. The cause of death is uncertain but Seurat had recently had pneumonia and diphtheria is also mentioned as a possible cause.

A link to a great website featuring the artist;


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