Artist of the moment……Qaunag Mikkigak

Qaunag Mikkigak is another contemporary Inuit artist born in Cape Dorset, Nunavet Territory, Canada in the year 1932. Her mother was a famous graphic artist Mary Kudjuakjuk.

Mikkigak worked early on with graphic arts and print making, but since the 1970s has focused mainly on carving.

She married another Inuit artist who will be the next post. His name was Oqutaq Mikkigak.

She and her husband were encouraged by James Houston to continue to produce art. Houston was the Canadian who grew tired of urban Canadian life and sought out the Canadian wilderness. This led him to the Inuit camps and he lived with them for years. One day he received a small sculpture as a gift and decided to turn his focus on marketing and getting the Inuits the artistic recognition they deserved. Houston wrote a book and helped to make a movie about this experience.

price range information: Works range fom $750 to $3,000.

No more info on this artist, but next post will be about the artist’s husband.


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