Artist of the moment….Ohotaq or Oqutaq Mikkigak

Ohotaq  Mikkigak is wonderful contemporary Inuit graphic artist.  Ohotaq Mikkigak is a prolific printmaker and was born in Cape Dorset, Nunavet Territory, Canada in the year 1936.

The artist enjoys drawing anything from birds, snowmobiles, boats, planes, shaman, and the landscape. Mikkigak also enjoys hunting, another favorite subject for the artist.

He often works in pencil crayon for his chosen medium.

Ohotaq is the wife of the previous post, Qaunaq Mikkigak.

Ohotaq was included in the Cape Dorset Print collections in the 1960s but at this time many Inuits were changing from the nomadic lifestyle to living in year round settlements. As the community grew and grew he and his wife both had full time jobs. As both retired and turned to art full time, both he and wife are very prolific as far as output.

Price range information: Works range from $500 to $8,000.

For some art homework, how about doing a cartoon of a bird in the style of the Inuits or maybe Charlie Harper!


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