Artist of the moment…..Herbert Baglione

Herbert Baglione is a street/ graffiti artist that comes from Brazil. He is known for using a figure and sometimes aliens  in his work. Baglione has been commissioned to paint murals.  Baglione was inspired to paint by his older brother. A theme Baglione tries to portray is the coldness and competitiveness that burns in all of us. Death is also a recurring motif.

price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip we view the artist at work.

more of the artist at work!

Again we see Baglione working on a piece.

In this clip we view some unusual works by Baglione. He used his own blood to make these works.

A link to Herbert Baglione’s website:

Currently based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The artist gained much attention this year for a project that took place in Parma, Italy. The artist is working on a project where he will paint 1,000 shadows. The shadows are painted to show spirits leaping and jumping from vacant wheel chairs. An image from this recent work is below. What creativity!



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