Artist of the moment…..Photographer Hong Hao

Hong Hao is a fantastic contemporary Chinese photographer that enjoys digital effects and with photography to create unique Pop art statement on the current Chinese culture. Hong Hao was born in the year 1965 in Beijing, China. For his artistic education Hao attended the Central Academy of Fine Arts located in Beijing, China where he studied printmaking.

His first series of prints were silkscreen prints that resembled ancient Chinese maps.

Started to work with photographs in 1999. 2001 makes his first well received series with photographs, titled My Things. To make these images Hao uses hundreds of items that he scans onto his computer. He then manipulates the image so they all fit into a neat box. These are indeed a snapshot of consumer culture in China. His work is representational of the wants, needs, and desires of his culture. What a great idea!

Another series he has been working on more recently involves taking an image of ancient Chinese scrolls but inserting people from modern times onto the image. In this clip from a show we see some examples of this type of work. Pictures start at 47 seconds into the clip.

Other well received series include famous icons of China and another where Hong is usually seated at a luxurious poolside event with a servant enjoying the proceeds and profits of his artistic stardom. He is a great model of someone that has achieved world wide success and tries to capture for the viewer what life a the top is like.

Currently lives and works out of Beijing, China.

Price range information: Most works range between $5,000 and $30,000.


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