Artist of the moment……Crochet Street Artist Olek also known as Agata Oleksiak

Olek was born in Ruda Slaska, Poland and is renown for what can be called “crochet graffiti.” Using bold color choices that in the end make her work a bit on the Pop Art side, Olek is renown for covering objects with her camouflage style crochet.  Olek hand crochets all her fabric so she works on a smaller scale than Christo and Jeanne- Claude.

For her collegiate education Olek atteneded Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland.

Installed her work over the famous wall street bull in 2010.

Has done performance art at the Whitney Museum of Art.

Has sold work to the National Endowment for the Arts.

Olek first started to use crochet in her artwork beginning in 2003.

If I were to compare her work to another artist it would be the wonderful husband and wife team,Christo and Jean Claude. The couple was renown for wrapping items as large as giant buildings. Below an example of the couple’s “wrapping” style which for the most part used fabric to cover subjects. Christo started his career by covering furniture and oil drums, after he met his future wife the couple decided to tackle bigger subjects.


And here a quick clip to review some other artworks by the couple. The couple and Olek have a remarkably similar style.

In this awesome clip we visit an interior of a room that has been covered with the art of Olek.

And in this clip we visit a taxi covered by Olek.

And here we have a collaboration with a rickshaw caddy.

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