Artist of the moment….Japanese Artist Mr…a.k.a. Iwamoto Masakatu

Mr. is a contemporary artist born Iwamoto Masakatu in Cupa, Japan in the year 1969.  He is among the top “celebrity” Pop art painters of the culture. His works blend many ideas from manga to realism and he works in many mediums including acrylics, photography,  watercolor, video, and sculpture.  For his artistic education Mr. attended the Sokei Art School in Tokyo, Japan.

Whilst still a student he was able to meet the current leader of the Pop Art movement in Japan at the time, Takashi Murakami. Murakami served as a great mentor.

The information contained in his art comes from a variety of sources including manga, science fiction, and even video games.

Masakatu went to work for Murakami and joined his staff.

Mr. currently lives and works out of Saitama, Tokyo.

price range information: Sorry none available.

Has been part of many exhibitions around the globe including Paris,  London, New York City, Tokyo, Chicago, and Miami.

In the coming posts we will look further at the artist collective formed by Takashi Murakami, KaiKai Kiki Company Ltd. Many street artists groups such as Faille based out of New York City have formed collaborative efforts to get increased exposure and with some luck more opportunity.  Here is a link to the website of KaiKai Kiki:

In this clip we visit a show for Mr. given in New York City:


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