Artist of the moment……Ron English

Ron English was born in Houston, Texas in the year 1960. English is renown for his use of modern Surrealist that uses mixes well known consumer brands  with a Pop Art twist with works using the face of Elvis Presley.  English not only paints but produces photography and is a musician.

In this clip English talks about Surrealism and Pop- Art.

For his artistic education English earned a bachelor’s of fine arts degree from the University of Texas.  The artist went on to earn his master’s degree from the University of North Texas.

The artist started out by remaking local billboards for his photography. This grew into using the billboards to express his social view points.

Included in prominent museum collections including the Whitney Museum of Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art located in Paris, France, and the Museum Checkpoint Charlie located in Berlin, Germany.

First major exhibit was Art on the Run in New York City in the 1989.

In this clip the artist talks about how on a certain day of the year the authorities look the other way and English is able to change billboards to his design without worrying about breaking the law.

And here we visit Ron English during comic-con New York City in 2012. He talks about using his modern skill set to revisit ideas and themes he tried to produce without much success as a young person.

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $110,000.

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