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Artist of the moment….Tim Pitsiulak

Tim Pitsiulak is a fantastic Inuit graphic artist born in the Kimmirut, Lake Harbor area of Canada in the year 1967.  The artist has tried other mediums such as sculpture and making jewelry.

Pitsiulak now resides in the Cape Dorset, Nunavet Territory, Canada.

At first he started working with animals and now includes man made items such as planes and boats. The artist also enjoys working with the whale as subject matter.

Pitsiulak is proud to tell the world who inspired him to become an artist, his wonderful aunt the master printmaker Kenojuak Ashevak. I have posted about her already. She was renown for her prints with wildlife and passed away in 2013. Kenojuak was included in the first Cape Dorset print series.

In this clip we visit a show featuring drawings and prints by Tim Pitsiulak.

In this clip the artist himself talks about his work.

Price range information: The artist has prints from $400 and also original drawings done with pencil and crayon up to $3,000.

To close we will look at some very recent works done by Pitsiulak that deal with man made items such as a four wheeler and an airplane.


Artist of the moment……Andre Butzer

Andre Butzer is a contemporary artist working in a genre sometimes called science fiction expressionism. When I look at his art I am reminded of the wonderful expressionist Edward Munch, famous for “The Scream.” Butzer was born in Stuttgart, Germany in the year 1973.

price range information: Original works range $15,000 to $45,000.

Some influences were Willem De Kooning and Phillip Guston.

Started exhibiting in 1999.

In this clip we visit a show given in 2011 at Saatchi Germany gallery.

In this clip we visit our art loving friend James Kalm for an exhibition featuring Andre Butzer. Kalm is a walking history of the New York art scene.