Artist of the moment….photographer Wang Qingsong

In the gallery you may notice some works that resemble sculptures. These are photographs that make a social commentary by describing historic past events. This clip takes a further look at the subject.

Wang Qinsong is a world renown photographer born in Heilongjiang Province, China in the year 1966. Qinsong’s photography work deals with finding the humorous side in modern Chinese consumer culture.  Qingsong is a great example of a Pop Artist photographer. In addition to photography Qinsongs enjoys working with video and exploring performance art and working with collage.

In the series with the artist as a naked model he makes a statement about the Chinese consumer culture by grasping an object from the heavy consumer culture of the U.S. from Marlboro cigarettes to a cell phone.

Below we see the much acclaimed video work by Wang Qinsong that includes him getting hit  by fists. Its meant to show how we overcome obstacles in our lives but sometimes take a beating in trying to do so.

As a painter the first movement he joined was the Gaudy movement. For many works of the time period Qinsong was painting on velvet.

For his artistic education Qinsong attended the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts.

At first he was a painter and then came to work with digital photography and also oil paints.

An example of his thoughts on consumerism in China and the West’s influence was an image with the artist out front of many world recognized American brands such as Citibank and Starbucks shouting with a megaphone.

Included in shows at the Shanghai Art Museum and the International Center for Photography in New York City.

Wang Qinsong is based out of Beijing, China. Below an image of the artist.


Another great idea from Qingsong is to recreate famous paintings and make photographs from them. An example would be Manet’s work Dejeuner Sur L’Herbe. A photograph was made using Asian people to play the roles depicted in the painting.

Current record holder of a high price for a photographer in China is $864,000 for a work titled Follow Me. This work has a teacher in front of a chalkboard with english and chinese brand names.


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