Artist of the moment….Jacoposie Oopakak

Jackoposee or Jacoposie Oopakak is a contemporary Inuit artist born in Qipisa, a small Inuit camp on Baffin Island in the year 1948. Oopakak is renown for work in which the shape repeats itself. An example would be a mother bear with her cubs crawling about, or some people  gathering bird eggs. The artist spent much of his childhood raised in the traditional Inuit nomadic lifestyle.

The artist started working with jewelry and other small items that were sponsored by Arts Induvik Canada.

Like many other artists, Basquiat comes to mind, the artist had some health troubles including tuberculosis and emphysema that made him use art as a release and an emotional outlet.

In this clip we visit a great work by the artist showing a great level of skill in repeating the same shape throughout the work.

Oopakak carves in marble and other stones and adds detail with items such as ivory.

Oopakak is included in the collection of the Canadian National Gallery of Art and in this clip we hear about his work titled ” Nunali,” which is his piece included in the National Collection.

Not only has the artist had to overcome various personal health issues, his wife died of cancer and a son committed suicide. His life has been rife with personal triumphs and tragedies abound, thank goodness he still creates art for us to enjoy.

Price range informaton: Sorry none available.

Oopakak loves to put in his full 8 hour work day, even if it leaves his hands sore from carving.

Here is a great link to Feheley Fine Arts and some great past exhibitions of Jacoposie Oopakak:


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