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Artist of the moment….Jacoposie Oopakak

Jackoposee or Jacoposie Oopakak is a contemporary Inuit artist born in Qipisa, a small Inuit camp on Baffin Island in the year 1948. Oopakak is renown for work in which the shape repeats itself. An example would be a mother bear with her cubs crawling about, or some people  gathering bird eggs. The artist spent much of his childhood raised in the traditional Inuit nomadic lifestyle.

The artist started working with jewelry and other small items that were sponsored by Arts Induvik Canada.

Like many other artists, Basquiat comes to mind, the artist had some health troubles including tuberculosis and emphysema that made him use art as a release and an emotional outlet.

In this clip we visit a great work by the artist showing a great level of skill in repeating the same shape throughout the work.

Oopakak carves in marble and other stones and adds detail with items such as ivory.

Oopakak is included in the collection of the Canadian National Gallery of Art and in this clip we hear about his work titled ” Nunali,” which is his piece included in the National Collection.

Not only has the artist had to overcome various personal health issues, his wife died of cancer and a son committed suicide. His life has been rife with personal triumphs and tragedies abound, thank goodness he still creates art for us to enjoy.

Price range informaton: Sorry none available.

Oopakak loves to put in his full 8 hour work day, even if it leaves his hands sore from carving.

Here is a great link to Feheley Fine Arts and some great past exhibitions of Jacoposie Oopakak:


Artist of the moment……Joaquin Torres Garcia

Joaquin Torres Garcia was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in  the year 1874.  He then moved to Spain in 17 years later in 1891. For his artistic education Joaquin Garcia attended the Baixas Academy located in Barcelona,  Spain. From an early age Torres knew he wanted to become an artist but didn’t think Uruguay could provide him with a good education so he left to study in Barcelona, Spain.

Worked with famed architect Antonio Gaudi in projects restoring old churches.

Over his career completed several public commissions and murals.

Joaquin Torres Garcia was put on the 1998 5 peso banknote in Peru. Below is an example of the currency.


In the clip below we visit a museum named for the artist located in his hometown of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Garcia is very unique in that many works were destroyed by a fire at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio De Janiero in 1978.  At the time a major exhibition was being held for the artist at the museum.

1913 had a book published that explained the causes behind his theories on art. He also started a school this same year to teach his principles, but the school closed to due to bankruptcy the following year.

In 1917 he started working with a new medium, toymaking and the production of toys. In 1920 the artist took off for Paris, France never to return to Barcelona, Spain in his lifetime. The artist would make his way to New York City and then head for Italy to start his toymaking business. The name of his company was the Aladdin Toy Company.

The movement that is most associated with Garcia is contructivism.

The artist would move from Paris back to Uruguay and was celebrated after having been accepted into the celebrity painter role in Europe.

price range information: The artist is in very high demand and in May a work sold at Sotheby’ for $1.4 million dollars. Prices start at $4,000 for the most part.

Artist of the moment…..Joe Adlaka Aculiak

Joe Adlaka Aculiak was born in 1936 in Echalook camp. The artist is renown for the details in his sculpture work. Exquisitely crafted knives and straps especially in his hunting scenes. Among the artists favorite subjects are birds, humans involved in an activity such as hunting or fishing, and the walrus.

Currently lives in Inukjuak ,Quebec, Canada  with his mother, Lucy. Her husband was the famous artist Josephie Aculiak.

Joe Aculiak has five siblings he has taught how to carve.

price range information: Sorry none available.

No more info on this artist but more spectacular Inuit art coming soon!


Artist of the moment….photographer Wang Qingsong

In the gallery you may notice some works that resemble sculptures. These are photographs that make a social commentary by describing historic past events. This clip takes a further look at the subject.

Wang Qinsong is a world renown photographer born in Heilongjiang Province, China in the year 1966. Qinsong’s photography work deals with finding the humorous side in modern Chinese consumer culture.  Qingsong is a great example of a Pop Artist photographer. In addition to photography Qinsongs enjoys working with video and exploring performance art and working with collage.

In the series with the artist as a naked model he makes a statement about the Chinese consumer culture by grasping an object from the heavy consumer culture of the U.S. from Marlboro cigarettes to a cell phone.

Below we see the much acclaimed video work by Wang Qinsong that includes him getting hit  by fists. Its meant to show how we overcome obstacles in our lives but sometimes take a beating in trying to do so.

As a painter the first movement he joined was the Gaudy movement. For many works of the time period Qinsong was painting on velvet.

For his artistic education Qinsong attended the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts.

At first he was a painter and then came to work with digital photography and also oil paints.

An example of his thoughts on consumerism in China and the West’s influence was an image with the artist out front of many world recognized American brands such as Citibank and Starbucks shouting with a megaphone.

Included in shows at the Shanghai Art Museum and the International Center for Photography in New York City.

Wang Qinsong is based out of Beijing, China. Below an image of the artist.


Another great idea from Qingsong is to recreate famous paintings and make photographs from them. An example would be Manet’s work Dejeuner Sur L’Herbe. A photograph was made using Asian people to play the roles depicted in the painting.

Current record holder of a high price for a photographer in China is $864,000 for a work titled Follow Me. This work has a teacher in front of a chalkboard with english and chinese brand names.


Artist of the moment…..Jonathan Seliger

Jonathan Seliger is a wonderful contemporary artist born in the New York City in the year 1955. Seliger’s most famous works are reproductions of mass produced items sometimes working with paint and printmaking but most often Seliger works with sculpture. His sculptures have a unique paint quality as he often uses automotive paint or enamel on bronze but sometimes he may use canvas for his base.  Seliger often varies the media used for his base in his sculpture works.

Two themes the artist enjoys working with are fast food and luxury goods such as Tiffany’s or Hermes.

price range information:  Most works priced between $3,000 and $15,000.

And a link to a great Tumblr page featuring works by Jonathan Seliger: