Artist of the moment….Philip Taaffe

Philip Taaffe is an American artist born in Elizabeth, New Jersey in the year 1955. Taaffe is renown collage and works with mixed media using paper. Taaffe is a great example of a modern Pop- Artist as he sometimes mixes ideas from two different cultures.

For his collegiate education Taaffe attended Cooper Union located in New York City.

Some heavy influences on the artist are Barnett Newman. For these type of appropriation works he takes an original motif, and then expands on it. As you can tell in the gallery another artist he has explored is the great Op Artist from the U.K. Bridget Riley.

Part of prominent museum collections including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the Whitney Museum of Art, and the San Francisco Museum of Art.

Lives and works out of New York City.

price range information: Works range from $2,000 to $435,000.

In this clip we visit our dear art lover friend James  Kalm for a great report on a show featuring the artist. Actual show clips start around one minute and thirty seconds into the clip.

In this clip we visit a show at the Gagosian Gallery from 2010.

What a great sense of design from this artist. A throwback to the days of fun shapes and colors last seen during the Pattern and Decoration Movement.


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