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Artist of the moment……Omalluk Omalu Oshutsiaq

Omalluk also known as Omalu Oshutsiaq  is a master Inuit carver renown for her work portraying the mother and child relationship in stone. Omaul Oshutsiaq was born in 1948 in the Cape Dorset, Nunavet Territory, Canada.

I love the detail Oshutsiaq uses in her work. Especially the works that include beads.

The artist was raised by adopted parents who were both master printmakers. Below is a work from her mother , Kingmeata Etidlooie.


And below a work from her father, Etidlooie Etidlooie.


price range information: Sorry none available.

Oshutsiak is still producing wonderful sculptures but no more information on the artist.


Artist of the moment…..Photographer Bruce Davidson

Bruce Davidson is a world renown photographer born in Oak Park, Illinois in 1933.  As a child he was raised by a single mother. His mother helped him build his first darkroom when Davidson was only 10 years old.

Was the first artist working with photography to receive a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts.

Worked a short time for LIFE magazine.

In 1949 received first prize award from the Kodak Corporation for his photography in a national high school competition.

Davidson was a superior student attended the Rochester Institute of Technology and then went on to study at Yale University.

One college professor he met was the artist Joseph Albers, who encouraged Davidson to forgo photography and take up painting.

After college Davidson was drafted into the army. He was transferred to Paris, France and there he met the famous photographer  Henri Cartier- Bresson.

In 1957 he left the army and went to work for Magnum Photos. Bresson had introduced him to the company and Davidson was thrilled to work with Magnum Photos.

One major project that brought Davidson much publicity was his photographic journals of the civil rights movement. Through these works we were able to see what Freedom Fighters looked like. Davidson found great appreciation for the project and for his efforts received a Guggenheim Fellowship.  At the conclusion of this project the images were displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

In this clip we view some of the wonderful photography by Davidson as he captured the emotional realities of racism in the country.

In this clip Bruce Davidson talks about London, England and his beloved New York City.

Another project was to shoot how the lower income people and those at or just above the poverty line were living in New York City around East 100th Street.  This project also brought Davidson much critical acclaim.

Central Park in New York City was covered in the 1990s.

As you can probably figure out, Bruce Davidson is based out of New York City.

price range information: Prints and originals range from $1,500 to $150,000.

And to close we visit another series by Davidson receiving much critical acclaim, the Subway series. Most interesting in this interview was the many different feelings conveyed on the subway, could the subway really be sexual?


Artist of the moment……McArthur Binion

McArthur Binion is an African- American painter renown for his abstract style. Of his abstract works, I myself prefer the unique works done on a circular base usually birch wood. These works remind me most of the abstract painter who passed away in 2012 , Karl Benjamin. Below an example of art by Karl Benjamin.


Another great medium he enjoys using is crayon. He often builds up surface texture with crayon.

In this clip we visit a show given for McArthur Binion.

A portrait of the artist.


Lives and works out of Chicago, Illinois.

Has been a full time professor of art at Columbia College located in Chicago, Illinois since 1983.

Included in many prominent museum collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art located in New York City.

Binion’s first solo museum show was in 2012.

One way he gets such wonderful diverse textures is the very unique combinations of materials. For instance wax crayons on aluminum or birch wood panels. Most likely collage and wax crayon build up will also be included in the work.

price range information: Sorry none available.

Binion is a great abstract painter. The use of many different textures and mediums gives his work a vibrant and the layering of paint and crayon always leaves to viewer to find another color in which appeared at first to be a flat mono tone shape.


1000th post…..Artist of the moment…..Sandra Ramos Lorenzo

Sandra Ramos was born in Havana, Cuba in 1969. For her art education she attended many schools in the Havana area studying engraving and art. She also attended the Institute of the Superior Arts also in La Habana. Her work is a mixture of pop art as she often makes social and political commentary in her work.

In addition to being an artist Ramos has also worked as a curator for many years.

Winner of Cuban Cultural Award in 1997.

Has completed artist in residence stays in Japan, Italy, and England.

A link to the website of the artist. A great place to view her many mediums she has mastered.

In this clip we view a show opening for the artist at Mayer Fine Art located in Norfolk, Virginia. This show took place in 2010.

Part of the teaching faculty at the Institute of the Superior Arts. Here Ramos taught the art of printmaking.

First solo show was in 1993.

price range information: Sorry none available.