Artist of the moment…..Jack Pierson

Jack Pierson is an American artist that is renown for his work with film, photography, and sculpture. Pierson was born in 1960 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  For his collegiate studies Pierson attended the Massachusetts College of Art located in Boston, Massachusetts.

price range info: Pierson is very prolific for his output. Though some works can reach as high as $200,000 many works are priced between $5,000 and $25,000. He works with so many materials I am sure you can find something you like.

Enjoys working with neon also in his work.

My personal favorites of Piersons are the small sculptures that are made of found materials. In it looks as if the letters loud have been put out of order so they are to be read only as a symbol. ]

Published a book featuring his photography of nude males.

For film he is best known for a work called Past Life in Egypt.

Is a highly commercially successful artist working for many magazines and also a photographer.

In this clip from our art lover friend James Kalm, we visit  a show for Jack Pierson. Pierson makes a few short appearances on camera, but overall a wonderful clip.

As stated previously Pierson is highly successful as a commercial artist with photography and here we see a collaborative work.

A very brief and candid interview with the artist.

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