Artist of the moment…..Charles Sheeler

Charles Sheeler was a wonderful printmaker and artist born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the year 1883.  Some of his favorite subjects were florals, architecture and buildings, and interiors and interiors of buildings. He worked as a painter and also as a photographer.

In the clip below a montage of works of Charles Sheeler, only the last piece is not his and was painted by Charles Demuth.

price range information: The artist has had a work break the one million dollar barrier at auction, this was an oil painting.  Photographs range $5,000 to $50,000.

For his collegiate studies attended the University of Arts Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.  A big influence during this time period was his teacher William Merritt Chase.

Worked for Ford company many years traveling to various plants and taking photographs and making paintings of their factories.

He was a founder of the precisionism movement. A style that was comprised of simple flat color and clean cut lines.

For many works used a combination of tempura but not on paper or canvas, rather he used plexiglass.

In 1920 along with Paul Strand made a movie titled Manhatta, which covered the daily life  of  someone living in Manhattan.

Below a clip from their movie “Manhatta.”


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