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Artist of the moment…….Melanie Stimmell Van Latum

Melanie Stimmell is a world renown street artist born in Los Angeles, California in 1975. She was among the first artists to create three dimensional work. Member of the Pastel Society of America but for her street magic art she uses chalks.

For her collegiate studies Van Latum graduated from the Art Center College of Design. She then found a fantastic job out of art school, working for South Park the movie and the television series.

Started doing her street art work in 1999 at the same time she was working on the South Park series. She went on to found a company that uses her art for specialty marketing purposes. One company that has used her work with great results is the modern video game Angry Birds. The name of her company should you choose to google it, is WE TALK CHALK.

For her work in oils and pastels she uses her married name of Melanie Van Latum.

Below a clip showing the artist as a director of a project to repaint panels of the Sistine chapel on the street. This took place in London, Canada.

In 2011 the artist participated in a project at a museum and the public was allowed to watch.

This is one of my favorite “street artists” working today. I can only imagine how inspiring she must be for the all the kids, young and old artists at heart, to watch her perform her magic. Another of my favorite artists that is both a fine artists, yet organizes his art to appear as public art and invites the public to help paint in the lines is Guy Diehl.

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A link to the website of Melanie Stimmell.

What an awesome type of street art!