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Artist of the moment….Pitseolak Niviaqsi

Pitseolak Niviaqsi is a fantastic Inuit artist born in the Cape Dorset, Nunavet Territory, Canada in the year 1947.

Son of the renown artist Niviaksiak and another renown artist named Kuna. Like many of the Inuit artist the artist does a spectacular job at using negative and positive shapes. Its great to see his design skills come through when he works with sculpture using two or more subjects.

Favorite subject is birds and the goddess of the sea.

price range information: Most works priced between $2,000 and $12,000.

In this clip from Waddington’s Auction house of Canada we see a work titled Pulling her Pigtails up at auction.

Niviaqsi also adds a tremendous amount of detail to his human figures in the faces. What a joy to see the interlocking shapes created with the negative space of two figures!