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Artist of the moment…..Street Artist Posterchild

Posterchild  is a wonderful street artist from the city of Toronto, Canada. He has kept his identity private, so no birth date information is available. Posterchild is renown for using making box sculptures that represent blocks from old Mario Brothers video game. Poster Child has done several fun projects around Toronto, leaving evidence the city has been visited by superheroes such as Batman.

Posterchild has seen his art appear in  a main newspaper of Canada called the Toronto Star.

price range information:sorry none available.

In this clip we see Poster Child in action.

Another clip in which we find the artist at action working with a favorite medium, the phonebooths of New York City!


Artist of the moment…..Fausto Melotti

Fausto Melotti was a fantastic sculptor born in Italy in the year 1901 in Roverto, Italy. Among the smartest of artists, Melotti studied math and physics and earned a degree in electro engineering in 1920. It wasn’t until 1928 when he moved to Milan, Italy to take classes at the Brera Academy where he studied sculpture.

First exhibition in Milan in 1935. These works use space and emptiness as part of the end product. Its easy to see the artist’s use of mathematics in producing these works. Before his works sculpture was about form, with Melotti it became more about space. These early works were often made of thin metal or plaster.

During the second world war the artist lived in Rome. Upon his return to Milan, he discovered his studio had been ripped apart by bombs. This led Melotti to free himself from a minimalist approach with geometric shapes, to a style that celebrated expressing his personal feelings.

Of all of Melotti’s works, I was very impressed with his take on the African American dancer who moved to France from United States to avoid the racism and to become a celebrity, Josephine Baker.

Fausto Melotti passed away in 1986 at the age of 85 years old.

price range information: Melotti worked with many mediums over the years including ceramics, plaster, oils, cardboard, bronze, and various metals. Works range from $5,000 to $325,000.

In this wonderful clip of works set to piano music we see his great use of shapes in his works.

And here a critic’s point of view as we review a work from 1935.

In case you couldn’t tell the sculpture of Josephine Baker I mentioned before is the 6th image from the top in the gallery.