Artist of the moment……Street and graffiti artist Duster

A great link that allows you to purchase works from the artist.

In this clip we see a great interview with Duster talking about his history with tagging.

A side note is that much of Duster’s works are done on transit maps of larger cities, mainly New York. It reminds me of the artist I recently blogged about Joyce Kozloff who also incorporates the use of maps in her artwork.

Price range information: Smaller works can be found starting at a few hundred dollars, check out the link above. They are originals and not giclees!

In this clip we visit another street artist named Med alongside Duster in the city of Los Angeles, California.

Back in the day Duster worked with a group called United Artists. He was among the first artists to tag an entire subway car.

Duster is included in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A link for the artist’s own website. A word of caution, the music plays too damn loud on so you might have to turn on the mute button on your device!

A street artist now in the collection of the Met! Wow!


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