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Artist of the moment……Brendan Jamison…the sugar cube artist

Brendan Jamison is an internationally acclaimed sculptor that doesn’t use bronze or even patinas for that matter, he uses sugar cubes to build his wonderfully impressive sculptures. Jamison was born in 1980 and hails from Belfast, Ireland. He began working with sugar cubes in 2004. In addition to sugar cubes that he has become famous for, he also has worked with bronze,wood, and wool. Jamison now lists sugar as his favorite medium!

I hope you watch the video clips to get a better impression for his unique style, but some examples of the number of sugar cubes used is amazing for some works. The Tate Modern used slightly more than 71,000 cubes and a giant sugar tower created for the Arts Council of North Ireland used more than 250,000 sugar cubes! Its the largest sugar sculpture in the world!

In this clip we see the artist standing in front of 10 Downing Street with his own interpretation of the famous landmark. The White House would be an ideal candidate for a similar project!


In this clip we see a fantastic sculpture by Jamison depicting the Tate Modern Museum! Very unique!

In this clip we view the bodies resting place as art. The location where sugar magnate Sir Henry Tate was made into his signature sugar cube art using over 27,000 sugar cubes!

In this clip we visit the artist studio in Belfast, Ireland and listen to a brief interview.

A link to the artist’s own personal website.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

What a great idea for his medium! As a type one diabetic I know I couldn’t work sugar, but his results with his chosen medium are fantastic!