Artist family…….Ikayukta Tunnillie and family

Ikayukta Tunnillie was the matriarch of a family of artists based out of Cape Dorset. Born in 1911 Ikayukta was first included in the Cape Dorset annual series in 1971.Below an example of her work. Ikayukta passed away in 1980.

Ikayukta kept the artistic genes flowing as many of her children and grandchildren would become professional artists. The first son we will look at is Kabubuwa also known as Qavaroak Tunnillie. Born in 1928 in the Cape Dorset Territory Qavaroak is my favorite of the Inuit carvers when it comes to bears. The entire family were artists and the stones used have a smooth look in addition to the flowing lines used by the artist. Also notice the beautiful rounded shape Qavaroak created with arms, heads, and objects. The best examples of this are when a bear or a person is holding a fish or another person. A great feeling of movement is created for the viewer. Below some examples of Qavaroak. Price range information: Stone carvings ranging from $2,000 to $8,000.

Next post will be on Qavaroak’s wife and children.

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