Artist of the moment…..Sophie Ryder

Sophie Ryder is a great modern sculptor of what could be called human animals, born in London, England in the year 1963. Many of her creatures are very large, human sized figures that are human sized rabbits with long legs and human hands. Ryder’s work brings the mythological creatures we all know of , such as the centaur to three dimensions.

Best known for a figure she calls the Lady- Hare, as you can guess a mixture of  a human female and a female rabbit.

Below we visit a show from 2009 in Bath, England featuring Sophie Ryder’s world renown Lady-Hare sculptures.

For her collegiate studies attended the Royal Academy of Art and Kingston Polytechnic both in London, Great Britain.

Price range information: The artist works in various sizes from larger than human size works, to maquette studies for these works. The smaller works range from $5,000 to the larger works reaching the six figure range.

In this clip we visit Vancouver, Canada as the artist makes a return visit to make some repairs. Shame on the public for even thinking about destroying such a masterpiece.

Works for sometimes months on the process of creating a work, looking to express a certain emotion that she herself had experienced.

In this clip we see an installation by Sophie Ryder.

What I love most about Sophie Ryder is a great statement by one of her college professors. The professor stated that Sophie Ryder has an insatiable urge to create.

She started to work with hares after a dog she owned started bringing them home as thanks for her as a reward for her hard work as an owner. The same as when your lovely cat deposits a freshly killed bird, also a reward for you!


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