Artist family of the moment…….Davidialuk Amittu and family

Davidialuk Amittu was a very talented Inuit artists working in many mediums. Born in 1910 in the area of Puvirnituq, Quebec, Canada.

Price range information: Very prolific artist in many mediums. Stone works range $1,000 to $12,000.

Our dear friends from Waddingtons of Canada bring us this wonderful bird sculpture by Amittu.

In this clip we see a basket by the Davidialuk Amittu.

Amittu also was well known in his local community as a great storyteller. In days before Ipads and even books, his stories amused many children throughout the his lifetime.

Has two children that are renown artisans named Johnny Amituk and Aisa Amittu, both men. Below is an example of Aisa’s style of art, who producing masterworks at the age of 12 and was seen as an art prodigy. As a child he was of course heavily influenced by his father. Aisa Amittu was born in 1951. His favorite themes are Inuit legends.

Another child was Alasua Amittu. One example below.


His wife was also an artist named Maina Assappa.

Davidialuk Amittu passed away in 1976.

Gotta love these artistic families. Multiple generations producing art for the world to enjoy for centuries to come. Thanks Canada!


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