Artist of the moment……Street Artist Miss Van….

Miss Van, also known as Vanessa Castex, is a street artist born in Toulouse, France in 1973. She is known for portraying doll like characters. She began putting her art on the walls of her city in 1991. Her drawings of very emotional and distressed women angered some feminists, but she says this just makes her work feel more personal.

In the 1990s Miss Van added to her fame by working on a series of collaborations with the artist Mademoiselle Kat or Miss Kat. Both dealth mainly with female characters, and Mademoiselle Kat seems to have a slightly more positive outlook and traditional beautiful women. Below a great example of Miss Kat’s work.


price range information: Prints available  starting at 250 euros.

In this clip we visit a show by Miss Van from 2007 in Paris, France.

A link to the website of Miss Van A great website with much more information about the artist and some newer prints for sale:

Unlike most artists Miss Van doesn’t work with spray paint, but rather with acrylic paints and brushes.

A great interview with Miss Van.

In this clip we visit the artist at work an wall. One thing that is apparent on her website is that she loves to produce art that is widely accessible to the public.

Miss Van has moved to Spain. 

Another great example of an artist making it in the world! From street art to now working on a book and with prints available Miss Van is a wonderful example of how street artists have moved into the mainstream of everyday life!


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