Artist of the moment……Papiara Tukiki

Papiara Tukiki was born in the Cape Dorset , Nunavet Territory of Canada on Christmas Day, December 25, of 1942. Tukiki is another of the great Inuit artists that specializes in printmaking and drawing.  She draws the daily life she loves and has remarkable results.

My favorite works of the artist are when she takes an animal or certain shape and repeats it through out the piece. In the gallery one can see lemmings, hands, and even sharks. Another theme is people out living with nature. Her generation was perhaps the last of the Inuits to live their nomadic lifestyle. Back in those days the Inuits were dependent upon fur trapping and that trade was a main source of income. The times changed and now so many artist in this region I have decided to label it my favorite art colony in the world!

She has worked with the Kinngait Studios to make many series of prints. Last year she produced five works included in their annual collection. Its a great place to visit to see the wide range of Inuit printmaking artists.

Husband is named Qiopi Tukiki.

A link to a current show in Toronto, Canada featuring Papiara Tukiki.

In her artistic statement we learn a great deal about the artist. She says,” I love to draw animals and am amazed at how they survive up here in the north.”

Not only a great artist with line, but she also has a tremendous use of color. Remember all the images in the gallery are prints, its striking how bright and colourful they appear.

For more background on how the Inuits artwork moved into major galleries in Canada and gained international acclaim be sure and check my post on James Houston. A Canadian man who grew tired of urban life and went looking for adventure. He found what he was looking for not only in the Inuit artwork such as carvings or drawings, but also the daily life of the Inuit peoples who at that time were still basically nomadic.

Houston lived with the Inuits for more than one decade and participated in many of their activities like building and living in igloos and also hunting and eating whales and walruses.

Price range available: Very affordable works ranging from $500 to $1,000.

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