Artist of the moment……..Josh Agle also known as Shag….

I am quite sure most readers of this blog pay attention to art everywhere and have seen works by Josh Agle, who signs his work Shag. Josh Agle was born in Los Angeles, California in the year  1962.  I love the modern looking design of his interior paintings. Another subject the artist likes to work with is cats. Similar to women painted by the artist, both the cats and ladies have very large emotional eyes with slender curving lines making the shape of their bodies.

First solo exhibition in 1997.

The artist is highly successful as a commercial artists working not only with prints and painting but also designing sculptures like the one below.


He has designed a large amount of record and CD covers, another place you might have seen Shag’s work before.

A link for the artist’s own personal website:

In this clip we visit a show for the artist.

In this clip we visit the artist at his home and studio which are one in the same, in Orange County California.

A great interview with Shag  from Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York city.

Here is a link to the very latest works by Shag. One impressive scene looks to be a party given at Andy Warhol’s silver factory. The party goers are having a great time and Andy is standing in the background taking it all in!  Andy is standing in front of the second pole from the right. Everyone else is partying like its 1999!  How about the 2 Marilyns on the wall also by Warhol.


More great pictures like the one above here!

Price range information: Sorry none available for individual works.

I enjoy this artist more and more with each new series. As a huge Warhol fan I am looking to exploring his new paintings. Its very interesting to see how the artist Shag has interpreted 1960’s and 1970’s groups like the Velvet Underground and the famous screen tests that included such great personalities as Bob Dylan and Salvadore Dali.


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