Artist of the moment…….Samson Kingalik….

Samson Kingalik was a great Inuit sculptor born in Quebec, Canada in 1937.

Also went by the name of Kingalik, Kingalik.

Has a very nice seal in the collection of the National Gallery of Canada.

Samson Kingalik passed away in 2011.

Price range information:  Working in steatite for the most part works range $750 to $4000.

A link to the McCord Museum in Montreal, Quebec, Canada which has 3 great works by Samson Kingalik. Please take the time to check out a wonderful female portrait carved in soapstone by the artist. As far as a western style sculpture with concern about proper placement of eyes, nose, and mouth Kingalik is the most skilled carver Inuit carver I have covered so far. Kingalik also reminds me of the painter Mary Cassatt for his ability to make the two characters interact together in his works.

Sorry, I enjoy writing longer posts but no more information available!



  1. Lisa Wolstenholme Said:

    I have a carving that I believe is by Samson, it is definitely in the same style, stone and age, but it isn’t signed “Samson” it only is signed “E9.712” and three letters before that… you know if he always signed his works?

    • diattaart1 Said:

      sorry for the long wait on the response! To see an Inuit work is authentic try checking out

      As the website states, the art should come with an igloo symbol on it, which is reserved for the aboriginal Canadian artists. I am not familiar with any Inuit signatures or symbols and recognize the art by the use of color or linework.


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