Artist of the moment……..Andre Brasilier

Andre Brasilier is a French painter born in the year 1929 in Anjou, France.  Brasilier is renown for his work with horses and also the female figure. In addition to drawing and painting has worked with ceramics.

For his artistic education Brasilier attended the Les Ecoles des Beaux Arts, the School of Fine Arts in Paris beginning in 1949. Whilst there he mentored under a respected painter of the figure Maurice Brianchon. Below is an example of Brianchon’s style of painting.


This clip I believe is in german, but its has a great collection of paintings by the Andre Brasilier starting 23 seconds into the clip.

Winner of Prix de Rome.

Price range information: Most works are in oils and priced $15,000 to $80,000. Most lithographs range from a few hundred to a $2,000. Watercolors and gouache works range $400 to $4,000.

Brasilier passed away in 2004.

The aspect I enjoy most about the artist is the paint quality of the work. What you might think is a watercolor or gouache work is really an oil painting though he did produce works in both watercolor and gouache.

Brasilier’s  works with the horse and landscape remind one slightly of Montana painter Theodore Waddell but with a higher focus on drawing skill. An example of Waddell’s work is below. Waddell is famous for working with animals and the landscape in a very abstract manner.



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