Artist of the moment…..Jean Prouve…

Jean Prouve was a famous architect and furniture designer born in Nancy, France in the year 1901. The artist was one of seven children and the participation in the arts was highly encouraged as his father was a well known painter Victor Prouve. His mother was a pianist. Below is an example of his father style of painting, Victor Prouve was active in France was a painter and sculptor.


In this clip we see some contemporary chair designs that use Prouve’s designs in conjunction with a Swiss furniture maker and apparel designer G-Star.

After his high school years he was an apprentice for a blacksmith and after that to a metal worker. In 1923 he took all of experiences and decided to open up his own studio.  Prouve designed lamps, chairs, and handrails. The artist often credited a movement to which his father belonged, L’ecole de Nancy, the School of Nancy is a lose translation. The agenda of the group was to marry art and industrial design alongside art and architecture.

In the midst of World War II he founded a company that was involved in designing bicycles.

The late 1940s the artist begins to design his fabricated houses, they were first made of aluminum. One inspiration for a design was to make temporary shelter available for people. A small two bedroom house could be built in seven hours.

The City of Nancy took over his house and it is sort of a museum. The city rents it out to architects and their family, but in order to stay on the property they must admit the public at certain times of the year.

Price range information:  Record high prices for Jean Prouve are 5 million dollars for a prefabricated house built for Africa that was sold at auction via Christies in 2007. Other than this price its difficult to form a pricing schedule.

In this clip view a clip of the $5 million dollar Tropicale House.

The artist passed away in 1984 at age of 82 years old.


Art is everywhere! You may even be sitting on it!


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