Artist of the moment…..Nick Sikkuark

Nick Sikkuark is another of the great Inuit artists hailing from Canada. Nick Sikkuark was born in Garry Lake, Nunavit in the year 1943 . As you can tell from the gallery most works have are a mixed media combination of caribou antlers, walrus ivory, soapstone, steatite, and whalebone. In addition he uses such materials as hair, skin, and even metal to insert more detail in his sculptures.

For a few years made ivory surgical pins for the Regina hospital.

Sikkuark wrote books showing 85 felt tip pen drawings in the early 1970s, these were sponsored by the Canadian government.

There is  a book out titled the Art of Nick Sikkuark, you may see the cover of this book in the gallery.

The artist had a tough beginning to life as he was orphaned. Eventually he would attend school to become part of organized religion. He left this however and chased his dream to become a full time artist. His carving career started in 1967, he has been at it for more than four decades!

The artist is still producing wonderful works of art to this day!

A photo of the artist.


Looking back there are artists who paint landscapes, then there is Andy Wyeth. There are sculptors, then there are Michelangelos. Sikkuark’s later works are amazing not only for their use of mixed media, but for the fact that he uses multiple carvings on one scene. You might have a shaman appear with many polar bears. The artist has a keen sense of design and in addition is a great storyteller.

Price range information:  Since his scenes usually involve multiple carvings it may seem that his pieces cost more even though you are gaining 4 or 5 pieces in these works of art. Most works range $1,000 to $6,000.


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